My Value Equation

M Scheer – Value Equation


Personal Learning Network

My Personal Learning Network is heavily reliant on technology.  Mostly via searches and data gathering on the web.  Depending on the topic, this may include visits to “expert” sites – associations, social communities, news media, etc.  I will also rely on my own circle of influence with friends and family.


When things went well….

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a time when I performed very well would have to be my recent living room ‘renewal’. Not a full blown remodel….just some new carpet, paint, drapes and switching out the furniture. Normally, my home improvements are smaller scale with more of a jump-in-see-how-it-goes kind of approach. However, this adventure was going to tap some seriously unknown skills and on the job learning could become costly. I thought it might be prudent to put my Project Management skills to work.

First step in preparation: set a schedule and identify a budget. I walked through the entire process in my head and made lists of supplies that would be needed, dependencies that would drive the order of tasks, and potential resources (i.e., kid labor!). For the most part, I had the necessary skills and experience. I had painted before, pulled up carpet, repaired subfloor. The piece that required more research was with laying the new carpet. To conquer this, I watched numerous YouTube videos, talked with friends and even hit up the Home Depot staff. I felt pretty sure of how to go about this now. While I was hoping to exercise my independence, this was clearly not going to be a one-woman job. I enlisted the help of my son and son-in-law for the heavy work. In one very aggressive Saturday, we were able to knock it out with very few issues.